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How Shockwave Therapy Can Treat Premature Ejaculation

How Shockwave Therapy Can Treat Premature Ejaculation

For men living with erectile dysfunction (ED), a newer treatment known as shockwave therapy has been delivering results. Fortunately, this option’s effectiveness doesn’t stop with ED. New research shows that this noninvasive, painless treatment can also help with premature ejaculation.

At the Center for Urology in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Abraham Woods, MD, offers shockwave therapy to help men struggling with premature ejaculation. If this problem currently affects you, don’t hesitate to talk to Dr. Woods about what this treatment option can do for you. 

To understand how shockwave therapy works to treat premature ejaculation, it’s first helpful to take a closer look at what you’re dealing with physically and even mentally. 

What causes premature ejaculation

You should know that you’re not alone. Around one in three men report ejaculating before they want to at least some of the time. Anything from stress to a hormone imbalance can cause this problem. 

In some cases, dealing with the psychological issues at play can make a big difference. If anxiety about finishing too soon clouds your time in bed, addressing it head-on can help you feel more relaxed — and give you more control over your timetable. 

In other cases, the root of the problem is physical. Premature ejaculation commonly develops in men with ED. If you worry about maintaining your erection, it may feel natural to rush to completion. As your body gets used to this pattern, though, it can be difficult to change. 

Fortunately, with shockwave therapy, Dr. Woods can address the ED and the premature ejaculation that often accompanies it.

How shockwave therapy can help

If you live with both ED and premature ejaculation, Dr. Woods may recommend shockwave therapy for you. The treatment safely but effectively sends shockwaves into your penile tissue, improving blood flow and encouraging new blood vessel development in the area. This helps you get and maintain an erection. 

To make shockwave therapy painless for you, Dr. Woods first applies a numbing solution. Most men report that they feel a vibrating sensation during treatment, at most. 

To give you the best results, Dr. Woods customizes a treatment plan for you. Many men benefit from two sessions a week to start. When you discuss your sexual wellness and performance goals with Dr. Woods, he can tailor your shockwave therapy treatment plan to you.

If you’re dealing with premature ejaculation — and especially if you also struggle with ED — don’t hesitate to talk to Dr. Woods. He applies his extensive expertise and compassionate care in helping men improve their sexual wellness. 

To get started on your personalized treatment plan, call the Center for Urology at our office Monday through Friday, or book your consultation online anytime.

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