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4 Common Types of Sexual Dysfunction

4 Common Types of Sexual Dysfunction

When you think of sexual dysfunction, your mind might immediately go to one of the more talked-about issues: erectile dysfunction (ED). Issues in the bedroom can actually take many forms, however, and not all of them manifest physically. 

Here at the Center for Urology in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Abraham Woods, MD, wants to help all of his patients understand sexual dysfunction and their options for addressing it. That’s why, in addition to offering targeted treatment, he aims to educate patients about the different ways sexual dysfunction can come into your life. 

With that in mind, here’s a look at the four categories of sexual dysfunction.

Four buckets for four different problems

Sexual dysfunction can manifest differently among individuals. Medical professionals break the common problems into four categories:

Arousal disorder

You’re diagnosed with this condition when your body doesn’t physically experience arousal the way it should, even if you’re mentally in the mood. ED is a type of arousal disorder.

Desire disorder

This type of sexual dysfunction occurs when you lack interest in sex. Most people occasionally experience days when we’re not in the mood, but if you’re struggling with this disorder, you essentially lack a sex drive.

Orgasm disorder

If you can’t achieve sexual climax on a regular basis, you may be living with an orgasm disorder.

Pain disorder

If sex is painful for you more often than not, you likely have a pain disorder. 

Clearly, sexual dysfunction can take many forms and affect different parts of your sex life. Talk with Dr. Woods about your symptoms. Once he diagnoses your type of sexual dysfunction, he can create a tailored treatment plan to ease your symptoms and restore your sexual health. 

Finding the right treatment

If you’re dealing with some type of sexual dysfunction, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us. You might be embarrassed, or it might feel awkward for you to talk about it, but Dr. Woods has years of experience discussing sexual dysfunction with his patients — and helping them overcome the problem.

Dr. Woods can work with you to find the right treatment or treatments to address your specific type of sexual dysfunction. Here at the Center for Urology, those might include:

Whether you’re having trouble getting aroused or orgasming or you experience pain during sex, we can help. To speak to an expert about how you can get relief from your symptoms and improve your sex life, call the Center for Urology or book your consultation online.

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