I would like to personally thank God and Dr. Woods for helping me overcome my issues concerning my high PSA count. After retiring from the Federal Government and moving to Florida, I discovered my PSA count had jump to over 5.4. I was referred to an Urologist at Health Central Hospital in Ocoee, Florida, who evaluated my condition and discussed options regarding a treatment plan. Within two weeks of my return visit (Friday afternoon) I was told the Hospital no longer accepted my medical coverage (Tri-Care) and he could no longer see me. I was faced with a major dilemma. My PSA count was sky high, I was stressed out over just being dropped and the Urologist was not even thoughtful enough to give me a referral.

After sharing my testimony of what had just happen at a Saturday morning church Men’s Meeting, a member told me I needed to look up an Urologist in Altamonte Spring, FL by the name of Dr. Woods. I called Dr. Woods ‘ office on that Monday and was seen by him at noon on the following Wednesday. From the time I met him, he immediately calmed my fears and anxieties. He worked with me to put together a plan of action to help bring down my high PSA count and address the cause of my ailment.

I have been seeing Dr. Woods since February 2011. I was put on his ‘Watchful Waiting Program” which monitors my PSA count and causes me to eat health and participate in vigorous exercises. I have gone from a prostate biopsy diagnosis of malignant lesions in 2011 to benign results in 2015. I have also maintained a PSA level between 2.0 to 2.4 for the past 4 years. I truly appreciate Dr. Woods and thank God that he directed an angel to lead me to his gifted and compassionate medical practice.

– Art W., LTC, Army, Retired

This is a testimonial for one of Orlando’s Treasures and one of the Countries Best Skilled and Accomplished Doctors in Modern Medicine…..Dr. Abraham Woods.

Dr. Woods plain and simply………. saved my life! I am a young 72-year-old man in great health, but this was not the case before coming under Dr. Wood’s amazing care. Three years ago, my Prostate PSA was at an alarming level, and my concerns were very high. There was also dramatic change in frequency and quality of Life. After a Biopsy, and the determination that one sample showed a cancer growth, several doctors were quick to recommend surgery to remove the prostate. Dr. Woods recognizing that the cancer was not of an aggressive nature and showing concern for the patient vs financial gain, took a very different approach. Dr. Woods suggested active surveillance that required his constant observation and treatment over an extended period of time. The results have been amazing, the cancer can no longer be detected and I have returned to a great quality of life again. Dr. Wood’s dedication to his profession and his patients is a reflection of his skill and personal commitment to the God given gift of saving lives. I will always be thankful to Dr. Woods and pray that he will continue his life saving gift to many others!


– Curtis D.